Discipline's Throne

by Floods





released November 14, 2015



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Floods Massachusetts

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Track Name: Devil's Rhythm
Fingers pulse to the devils rhythm again.
The horns will pull and tug, fold them over again
Every night same left hand stare
No will to take the will away
Hungry to strike
Stability lost
Lost in a haze

Sown in spiritual sludge
Dug deep carnal hate
Reinforced roots in sabotage
We've lost our way

Shred by shred
Cell by Cell
Disassembled with pride
Annihlation of the fawn who'd deceive
Futile justice delivered from the devil inside

I'm slipping, I'm falling
I'm as low as you can go
Down here at the bottom theres something you should know
I'm filled with fear and filled with hate
You can't romanticize my emptiness
Ain't got the shoulders for the weight

Excuse for excuse
We view the face of death
And we can't forget what we've seen
So we kill to forget
Track Name: Unfiltered Offering
We turn the gears, we lock the chains
For a marketed sentient death
Pay for your life, cement the state of power for men with malicious intent
This is the silence of those gluttons who would sell you below
Unfiltered Offering - a mind above the value imposed

Destroy the wrist of the fool who'd guide your hand into his debt
Obsessive Consumption, Manic Indulgence
Buried us deep with no regret

Unfiltered Offering - a life free from the rest
A fang in the neck of the world
A legion that won't let you forget

Through self control - an uncontrollable mind
Unfiltered Offering - I'm not one of your kind

Wring the snake who would fill you with venom
Cleanse the skin of a world you abhor
Clip the wings of love that would save you
It's a parasite spiritual war

Ascend and destroy
Or rot with the rest
Step by step thru a carrion nest

Vengeful ways to end our days
UFO - burn with me
Track Name: Augment
An appetite for the gods
We salivate for our foes
Black eyes roll over white
Marrow swells over bone
Derived from Odin's cell
Steel of the self
Steel of the self
Track Name: Discipline's Throne
Perched on disciplines throne
Where feet crush the shoulders of lesser men
CHildren of scorn, grown to adorn
The fruits of a world wartorn

From the demons we've grown,
Into pillars to the unknown
Laid the beast to rest in his holy home

Time after time
Now I see through the smoke
Beyond the serpents touch it begins
Days spent hung at the end of the rope,
Seeds of abuse rise covered in sin

These eyes have open, now they smother the weakness
Conquered the world with the devil's mind, we'll keep it

The betrayer stands in the shadow of the throne
Disguised inception allows the weak to roam
Terraform all planes of thought
Dismantle the sentences
Force the weak to rot
Delve into the core of the mind
Slaughter the filth, leave the weak behind

Take this soul away
It has no place in me

Forced inside with every tome,
As lords we sit at disciplines throne
Track Name: Monolith
Teeth incise upon the doors
The pawns amongst the horde
Murderous control

We slaughter sheep
In the search of inner peace
But our apathy breeds
And Our Colors bleed

Taught to hate from a box,
and we'd pay top dollar for it
A state of panic from our charlatan gods
And they grow taller from it

A witness to the end of time
Hung by the blade of the spine, no longer in a blur of pine

Structures crack, men fall
Monolith, men fall
We remain forever

Lungs of malice and titans knots
Visions of a world that'll never exist

World bites hard
Wolves bite harder- wolves will reign

Men crash down to the ground like bricks